Linchpin technology solutions for your business and home.

Linchpin Technical Consulting provides tailored technology consulting services to businesses and individuals.  Our services range from startup technical consulting, existing business technical consulting, and in-home solutions.  We are the linchpin your business and home needs to achieve your goals.

Linchpin Technical Consulting

Our mission is to provide the most impactful solutions for clients by discovering areas of opportunity, implementing a meaningful technology solution, train and tweak through the adoption process, and support you as your needs change.

Our Services


Business Technical Consulting

From startups to expanding businesses we provide technical expertise to help you manage your new and existing projects. From product development, business system integration, and day to day technical needs, Linchpin has you covered.

Home Systems

Personal Technical Consulting

Whether it's PC's, home theaters, smart home systems, internet safety, or training Linchpin has your back. We can help you set up your dream technology utopia for you and your family. We also provide training to families to help them navigate the digital age safely.

Why work with us?

Our process.

1. Discovery

We become a member of your team. We learn the in's and out's of your business needs first. You say you need solve for X, we want to understand Y before jumping to Z.

2. Planning

We take a three tier approach to a solution and work within your budget. All solutions have baseline metrics to determine success, an implementation plan, a support plan, and an adoption strategy.

3. Implementation

We don't just create a plan for you and drop it in your lap. We get our hands dirty and work with you and your team in the trenches. We ensure the plan is implemented fully and working as you expect it to.

4. Support

We stand by our solutions to ensure they are impactful for you and your business. Needs change and our solutions should adapt with you.

We want to become the Linchpin of your great idea.

That is our mission, and our guarantee.  Setup a free introductory call so we can get to know each other and explore what we can do for you.


Find out more how Linchpin can help you.

Setup a free introductory call so we can get to know each other and explore how we can work together.