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The Usual Technical Services

Whether it's PC repair, virus removal, data migrations, hardware replacement, or software purchasing Linchpin can help. We can fix just about anything and help you make the right purchase for any of your needs.

PC Servicing and Repair • Virus\Malware Removal • PC Builds • Hardware Replacement • Data Migration and Storage • Software

Are you looking to add something cool in your home? We implement technology solutions that bring convenience and luxury to your home. Smart home systems, theater systems, home audio systems, lighting, etc. Lets get your home wired (or wireless) so you can sit back and relax.

In-Home Solutions

Smart Lighting • Doorbell and Camera Systems • Home Audio Systems • Home Theater Systems • Home AI • Smart Thermostats

Home Networking

Are you looking for a great home network that is secure and reliable? Are you concerned about security or need to upgrade your network to handle your growing family? Linchpin can help you with your home networking needs. From whole house WiFi or wired coverage, network monitoring, and network control and usage schedules. We can optimize the network for certain activities like streaming, gaming, and work to ensure your home network works the way you need it.

Mesh Networking • Wired Networking • Network Monitoring • Access Control • Firewalls and Internet Filtering • Activity Optimization

Lets organize all of your devices in your home so we can secure and manage your devices effectively. This could include managing your software licensing, parental controls, ensuring devices are up to date, virus and malware security, and much more. Setup digital shared spaces to share family calendars, photos, videos, documents, and more. There are tons of ways organize your digital life and Linchpin is here to help!

Digital Family Organization

Mobile Device Management • Parental Controls • Centralized Security • Shared Content Spaces • Streamline Software and Services


Would you just like to learn more about certain technologies or software systems? We know enough about everything to be dangerous and can assist with your curiosity. Whether you want to learn more about excel, or you have a drive to learn more about networking, development, upcoming technologies, AI, etc.. We can setup a formal training classes, informal 1 on 1, group training, and family training sessions. We work with a lot of different technologies and love to share that broad knowledge with others.

MS Office • Mac OS • Linux • Networking • Security Best Practices • AI • Web Development • App Development • Products and Processes

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